The 3M adhesive tape can’t touch oil, dust, soil or other particulate matter,and please keep it away from any heat source, otherwise it may lose stickiness.

Clean and dry the surface of the desk and the stand before installing.

We recommend you wait 24 hours to make the adhesive fully secure so that there is enough adhesive force between the desk and the headphone stand.


Multifunctional Hanger

Not only for headphones

Shopping bag, backpack, umbrella, handbag…


Durable and Sturdy

Perfect for different kinds of headphones.All items that can be hung, such as umbrellas, handbags, hats


Vertical Surfaces:

Can be used on vertical surfaces, such as desks, tables and shelves.


Silicone Raised Part

Prevents your precious headphones from accidental fall

Silicone covers won‘t cause any damage to Headphone Leather



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