Car phone holder base, creative universal car
air outlet clip, mobile phone navigation bracket base;Double-clamp connection, easy to use, and suitable for multiple models.The four cores are newly upgraded, sloped design, can not be connected,
easy installation, fine workmanship.The anti-slip rack is stable and does not fall. The double-sided
anti-slip strip inside the buckle is designed, and the double-clamp serration
of the mobile phone holder is stable and does not fall off.The bracket connection must be a dual-clamp interface, which is suitable
for all dual-clamp mobile phone brackets.It is easy to put in, not to fall off, easy to operate, and more
convenient to use.Universal stand base, beautiful and stable base, used with mobile phone stand,
operation is more convenient.
Imitate the car air outlet and fix the car bracket.

The inside of the buckle has a double-sided anti-skid design, which is
stable and does not fall off. The 45-degree inclined surface design can be
pasted on flat or inclined surfaces.


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