1. Graphics power supply using four solid capacitors, so that the graphics card power supply more stable and safe.

2. Transfer card 6PIN interface 12V enhanced DC-DC power supply, so that the graphics card from the motherboard independent of the board, so as to reduce the burden on the motherboard to accept more graphics.

3. Graphics card slot using original imported connector, graphics card and connector contact better.

4. PCI-E connector with multi-layer shielded wire, the longest can be connected to 3M and will not attenuate the signal.

5. USB cable is soft and stable, easy to track, the graphics card can be placed.

6. Slot with a fixed buckle, more convenient to remove the graphics and fixed graphics, graphics cards will not fall off from the slot.

7. Wire using the current mining use of the most stable manufacturers pumping the wire (that a confidential), to ensure the integrity of the signal.

8. USB line on the market is not braided shielding net, so there will be a very unstable phenomenon. (not all lines can be used to dig).

9. Power line is made of pure copper, to avoid the firing line during the mining.


Color: White, Blue

Packaging includes: 1Pc Extended Card


1. This extension cable is available for the motherboard PCI-E slot (1X, 2X, 4X, 8X, 16X). Please plug in the floppy drive power cord when using it. Plug the PCI-E extension cable must be broken when the computer and then plug the wire, be sure to use to see precautions!

2. Matching wire is customized, please do not just find the line to plug in!

3. Plug the line must be clear when the direction, do not plug or plug position, to prevent burn equipment, plug the first device when the socket and then plug the line, to avoid excessive force socket socket interrupted.

4. Dual-core graphics card with the old cable recommended, the motherboard is also recommended 16X with the old cable.


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