Newest M10 TWS Digital Indicator True Wireless Earbud In Bangladesh

Looking for the newest and most affordable true wireless earbuds on the market? Look no further than Newest M10 TWS! These earbuds are packed with features and are available at an unbeatable price. With a warranty, you can be confident that your purchase is protected. Get your M10 TWS today!

The Newest M10 TWS Earbuds with the 5.1 chip give you very efficient wireless performance. The 5.1 chip manages battery life very well. It adopts a Bluetooth V5.1 chip, 10m connection distance, stable performance, high transmission, low consumption, and strong compatibility. Ergonomically designed for a more comfortable fit on the auricle. The two-ear split design allows the single ear to be used separately, equivalent to two independent Bluetooth headsets. The charging compartment can be used as a mobile phone stand, portable mobile phone stand, and support horizontal and vertical placement. Watch live broadcasts and movies without the need to purchase an additional mobile phone stand.


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