Edifier X100B

X100B gives you a sensational audio experience with deep bass, intense, and balanced treble, preserving the sharpness of every detail and staying away from distortions even when highly demanded. A non-resonant Meddite MDF construction, with extra bracing and minimum thick baffles, ensures a more lifelike sound which revolutionize your gamers, movies, and music with the X100B and listen to superior quality.


● Edifier X100B RMS 2.1 Multimedia Speaker

● Speaker Type Multimedia

● Total Speakers 2 : 1 Speaker

● Noise Ratio Signal To Noise Ratio ≥85dBAF

● requency Satellites Frequency Response 150 Hz – 20 KHz

● input sensitivity 500mV ± 50mV,

● input impedance 10KΩ.


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