• Around 13 hours music playtime with ANC OFF and around 11 hours with ANC ON
  • Active noise cancelling with ambient sound mode
  • Crystal clear call quality with AI call noise-cancelling technology
  • Type-C fast charge 10 min charge=2.5 hr use
  • IP55 dust & water-resistant for outdoor use

Active Noise Cancellation
Fitness Immersion through One Tap

The W280NB headphones boast their Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology that eliminates disruptive and intrusive noises and immerses you in a quieter world.

Game Mode
Strike Your Way to the Top

The W280NB noise cancelling headphones have up to 80ms low latency with gaming mode, finely-tuned EQ, enhance and emphasize the sound of footsteps, gunfire for a more immersive playing experience.

IP55 Dust and Water Resistance
Enjoy Music Anytime, Anywhere

Ergonomic and lightweight design, carefully crafted with high elastic TPU material, making for long-lasting comfort and all day use.

Fast Charge
Limitless Music Enjoyment

The W280NB noise cancelling headphones support fast charging. Get playback time of up to 13 hours with ANC off and 11 hours with ANC on.


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