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  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth connection supported
  • Easy Wi-Fi connection by Edifier Home app
  • Compatible with Apple Airplay, Amazon Alexa (*), TIDAL Connect, and Spotify Connect
  • Quality sound
  • Simple control by touch
  • No built-in microphone, for privacy protection
  • Wireless stereo system with 2 units

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EDIFIER ms50a wifi speaker on the table

Premium and Casual Style

All-wooden cabinet with walnut texture, it’s simple, superior, and smooth.

blue light wave diffusion on the edifier speaker top

High Power, Quality Sound

The drivers are delicatedly tuned, not only for bass booming, but also for treble spiking.

Embed DSP chip of the edifier speaker

DSP Digital Circuit, Fine Control

The full-digital circuit platform and the professional audio processing IC are used to complete the sound source processing and the dynamic management, finely controlling every detail of the sound.

erewwwwifi bluetooth 5.0, TV, Edifier speaker

Wireless Means Freedom

Both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivities are available for your smooth listening. The powerful module features strong resolution, stable transmission, low power consumption and wide purpose of use.

EDIFIER MS50A connected to APP

Easy Wi-Fi Connection

Connect the speaker to your Wi-Fi network by Edifier Home app. Only a few touches on your screen are needed, with no hassel.

playing music on the phone,two edifier speakers besides

AirPlay 2

Stream music from your iPhone, iPad or Mac. Group a multi-room music system and use an Apple HomePod mini to control playback by voice.

Edifier MSS50A wifi speaker works with alexa

Works with Alexa

Connect this speaker with an Alexa Built-in device or Amazon Echo device. Group a multi-room music system and use the Alexa Built-in device or Amazon Echo device to control playback by voice.

*Available in the following countries: The United States, Canada, The United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Poland, Brazil, Australia, Japan***More countries and regions will be supported with this feature.

spotify on the phone, with three edifier speakers

Music Synchronized for

Multiple Rooms

With Apple AirPlay, Amazon Alexa, or Spotify, group this speaker into a multi-room music system. Enjoy synchronized music playback while wandering in rooms.

A gril lying on the sofa, reading book, with edifier speaker besides

TIDAL Connect

TIDAL Connect is supported. Enjoy the best quality listening of lossless music.

Signal figure of edifier speaker

Pairing up 2 Units Not Just for Double Power

Pair up two speakers with Edifier Home app and enjoy the soundstage more than stereo.

A gril lying on the sofa, reading book, with edifier speaker besides

Simple Control by One Touch

The touch panel with a solid button in the center allows simple and easy control.


Power Output

  • Mid-Bass (25W) + Treble (15W)
Frequency Response

  • 52Hz-18kHz
Noise Level

  • ≤25dB(A)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio

  • ≥85dB(A)

  • 2.4GHz / 5GHz

  • 5.0
Driver Unit

  • Φ19mm silk diaphragm (Treble) + 4inches/102mm (Mid-Bass)
Net weight

  • 2.26kg/4.98lbs


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