Entry-level Portable Bluetooth Speaker

  • Bluetooth V5.0 chipset ensures high transmission and lower power consumption
  • Metallic design highlight the stylish and elegant of MP120
  • Dual full-range speakers with passive radiator
  • 4W+4W RMS total power output
  • 2200mAh battery supports up to 19 hours playback in Bluetooth mode
  • Supports Micro SD audio and AUX input
EDIFIER MP120 Portable Bluetooth Speaker on the table

Lose Yourself In Music

High quality aluminum construction with CNC technology Dual full-range speakers with passive radiator 4W+4W RMS total power output Up to 19 hours playback

Two EDIFIER MP120 Bluetooth Speakers

Over 100 times tuning for superior sound

At Edifier, we are committed to provide high-quality sound to all our consumers by tuning again and again.

Parts disassembly drawing of EDIFIER MP120 speaker

Drivers play a key role in the sound performance

Dual 36mm full-range speakers with passive radiator deliver crystal clear sound.

three-quarter side view of EDIFIER MP120 speaker

Exquisite Spray Design

Luxurious Experience

Enjoy the exquisite spray design from different directions.

back view of EDIFIER MP120 speaker

High quality aluminum construction

Highlight the texture and durability of MP120

1.5mm Aluminum shell can provide protection and crystal clear sound for MP120 which weighs 100g

Hand holding the EDIFIER MP120 speaker

Shaped to Feel Good

170*60*26.5mm dimension with ultra-low weigh, the MP120 is the all purpose, all weather companion that can literally take anywhere.

Many EDIFIER MP120 speakers displaying

Class-G amplifier with low power consumption

With 6W total power output per channel, this Class-G amplifier can provide low sound distortion and overload protection.

EDIFIER MP120 speaker connect to decktop and phone

Incredible Battery Life

Music Anywhere and Anytime

MP120 is powered by 2200mAh battery which supports up to 19 hours playback.

Front view of EDIFIER MP120 speaker

Bluetooth V5.0

High-speed Transmission

Extensive Connectivity

Adopted advanced Bluetooth chipsets for lower power consumption, high speed and stable transmission and 30m connection range.

The phone connect to EDIFIER MP120 speker

Support TF Card
Collecting the Music You Like

Almost 10,000 songs can be stored by MP120, you will never run out of music.


Treble driver

  • 1 1/2 inch
Bluetooth version

  • Bluetooth V5.0
Bluetooth profiles

Input type

  • AUX/ TF card / Bluetooth
Effective distance

  • 10m
Power output

  • L/R: 4W+4W
Frequency response

  • 100Hz-15KHz


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