EDIFIER G1 USB Professional Gaming Headset

Sound Card Breathing Light Headphone with Noise Cancelling Mic for PUBG PS4 PC Gamer

Product model: EDIFIER G1
Headphone material: plastic
Cable length: 2.5m
Headphone category: gaming headset
Microphone: with microphone
Headphone type: wired headset
Plug type: USB
Wire control: yes
Impedance: 32Ω
Sensitivity: 106dB/mW
Frequency response range: 20-20000Hz
Sound principle: moving coil

Listening to distinguish position
The digital decoding chip technology provides precise sound positioning for G1, bringing you an immersive gaming experience, and the lightweight wearing effect helps you perform extraordinary in the game.

Comfortable to wear, no burden, enjoy whole day
The headset has a net weight of 217g, which can be called a lightweight masterpiece of a gaming headset. The hollow design of the head beam can effectively reduce sweating and sultry when wearing it, and you can play games refreshingly in summer.

Edifier professional tuning, 40mm high-quality unit
The 40mm precision tuning speaker is tuned by the senior acoustic engineer of the Edifier, paying attention to every detail of the sound quality, and the low frequency is deep, bringing you a pleasant listening to music enjoyment.

Excellent design, paying attention to every detail
In order to have better sound insulation effect, the G1 earmuffs adopt a curved slope inside. This design can make the back half of the earmuffs fit better, avoid sound leakage, and bring a good package and sealing experience, allowing you to play games and online classes. , Have a good immersive experience when watching a movie.

Professional ear protection
In order to avoid long-time high-volume listening to ear damage, G1’s sound pressure ≤ 100dB, output voltage ≤ 150 millivolts, broadband characteristic voltage ≥ 75 millivolts and many other tests, have reached the European EN50332 test standard.

High sensitivity anti-noise microphone
G1 adopts a high-sensitivity anti-noise microphone and a soft rod design that can be adjusted freely at 360°. During a call, it can effectively filter environmental noise, with clear sound and excellent voice call effect


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